Satsanga’s meanings is that “Sat” which means “real existence” and “sanga” which means “gathering” in Sanskrit.

Self-realization of Real Self will occur by sharing the space with the real existence (Sat).

Guideline for participants

Satsanga is the space fulfilled with the subtlest energy, prana.

  • Please put off the switch of all electronic devices, (cellular phone, tablet etc.)
  • Please don’t talk in Satsanga. (Please take outside of Satsanga.)
  • Please don’t have something to eat. (If you need to have something to eat, you are sure to exchange the air by opening the windows after eating.)
  • Please don’t induce each other of participants.
  • Please don’t bring something fragrant.
  • Please change your clean socks when you enter the room.

Let’s share the valuable time with gratitude without disturb the stillness in your etiquette.



charge : Satsanga 3,000 yen (2 hours and a half)


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